A Really Short History of Nearly Everything : Book Review

A Really Short History of Nearly Everything  

Author: Bill Bryson 

Date of Publication:2004 


Format: Paperback 

Does a book about science, natural history, and geology have to be dull and tedious? Does it have to be brimming with facts and figures? Does it have to bog down the targeted age group and daunt them with the sheer magnitude of information? 

If you were wondering, the answer to all the above questions is a resounding No.  

The children’s adaptation of “A Really Short History of Nearly Everything’ addresses all the questions and pulls out a magical book that enchants, engages and fascinates all at the same time.  

Brynson expertly simplifies these seemingly dry concepts, usually considered astronomical in volume and expanse, for the target age group. The book is like a maze with straightforward, easy-to-follow walkways, but buzzing and bustling nonetheless.  

You navigate through microscopic wonders, chart the universe, explore the depths of the Earth and come up with fistfuls of strange and unbelievable wondrous facts. Of course, there are frequent stops. Swallowing all that info, however fascinating and engaging, is neither recommended nor doable. But trust me when I say that even one page a day is like setting sails to unknown adventurous lands where an intriguing discovery is waiting to spellbind you on every step. The conversation sparked by the subjects, topic and facts compelled us to explore the world and its inner machinery in greater depth. Together, we examined the structure of DNA, orbited the sun alongside Earth, drifted with the continents and dug into plate tectonics with easy relish.  

The young minds are challenged as they follow the exciting trail. But not for one minute are they bogged by the entire exercise or the sheer magnitude of data or info.  

A creatively crafted book that leaves a lasting impact!  

If you are looking for a book that is not only filled with laws, theories, and scientific knowledge but also lively and engaging, then the buck stops here. This one will appeal to both parents and children.  

If you are a science buff, you don’t want to miss out on this power-packed, science-fueled action ride.  


Conversation- Starter
Science fueled action ride
Appeal to both parents and children

A creatively crafted book that leaves a lasting impact!  

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