Book Review-Tanaji & The Treasure Trail by Shraddha Sahi 

Tanaji & The Treasure Trail 

Author: Shraddha Sahi 

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications 

Language: English 

Genre: Historical Fiction/Children’s fiction 

 “Tanaji & The Treasure Trail” immerses readers into the 17th-century world, diving headfirst into a thrilling mix of real history and imaginative storytelling. Through the eyes of ten-year-old Prajakta and her lively gang of friends, Sahi weaves a tale loaded with excitement, courage, and a touch of historical mystery. 

Prajakta, a gutsy young girl who is not afraid to challenge the norms of her time, is pegged at the centre. Her banter with her brother Sarjya and pals Ganya and Sopan is delightful. The book takes a thrilling turn when Prajakta is thrust into a high-stakes, adventurous ordeal. The bond between Prajakta and Tanaji is inspiring, showing us the power of teamwork and sacrifice. Sahi celebrates the unsung heroes of history, reminding us of the bravery and resilience of those who came before us. 

Sahi’s storytelling is simple yet expressive. She paints vibrant pictures of tunnels, grand forts, and gushing waterfalls. Her meticulous research brings the Maratha era to life, immersing readers in the sights and sounds of this rich historical period. She offers young readers a glimpse into the cultural heritage, making them curious to explore more. 

But don’t be mistaken; it’s not just about thrills and spills. This journey of bravery spotlights the courage, valiance and sacrifices made by Maratha warriors in the face of mounting dangers. 

Sahi deserves praise for crafting an engaging narrative and memorable characters and tinting it with hues of our rich history. 

Recommended for all age groups.  

While young readers will enjoy the plotline riddled with amusing banter and daring courage, adults will relish the setting knitted from the silken threads from the 17th century. 

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