Book Review-The Great Indian Tamasha–Adventures of a Wedding Planner by Rasika Bhatia


The Great Indian Tamasha–Adventures of a Wedding Planner  

Author: Rasika Bhatia  

Language: English  

Genre: Nonfiction, True account 

Publisher: Om Books International  

Themes: Humour 

The book is a jaunt into the whirlwind of wedding planning, where chaos reigns supreme and drama unfolds at every turn.  

Bhatia, a seasoned wedding planner, shares 22 real-life tales in this memoir, shedding light on all that is wild, wonderful, and absolutely wacky in the world of Indian weddings. The behind-the-scenes action accompanying these grand celebrations, ranging from quirky to way-out uproariously crazy, makes for a peppy setting. Then there are spirited brides, hesitant grooms, controlling parents and conniving competitors. Throw in distressing clients getting into the wedding planner’s nose and the patrons who refuse to cough up the money, and you have just the right ingredients for a savoury book. Bhatia serves these stories with a panache and a dash of her sharp humour. She doesn’t shy from taking cheeky jabs at clients’ quirks and foibles. Yet, amidst the laughter, there’s an undeniable charm to her candid storytelling that keeps you hooked. 

The title, “The Great Indian Tamasha,” aptly captures the drama and spectacle of the wedding industry. The book is a behind-the-curtain peek into this carefully orchestrated production. From demanding clients to unexpected catastrophes, the book has it all. Every character plays a unique role in the grandiose drama, and each story has its own special blend of emotions and unexpected twists.  

A delightful read that offers a unique perspective on the world of wedding planning.   

The stories are perfectly packaged with a generous helping of laughter, drama, and a touch of social commentary.  

So, if you are fascinated by big, fat, Karan-Joharesque weddings, then this is just the book for you! The rib-tickling humour and frank insights make this book a sure-fire entertainer! 

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