Art with a Heart- Flash Fiction


Tattered battered, in a queue
Crisscrossed shacks in the slum grew

Flaking paint, crumbling walls
A wreck, an eyesore, just next to the mall

Then one day, an artist arrived,
In the walls of slums—saw a canvas disguised.

Painted the shacks red, yellow, and blue
the slum now a burst of color, rainbow of hues

Awning, curb, panels soon became a canvas
Chasing away the residents’ blues, their sadness

The same slum which was scruffy shabby, a blot
In its multicolored avatar; became a tourist spot

The colors from the walls slipped in the dweller’s hearts
They called it “art with a heart.”




This tiny tale was written for a prompt contest by Women’s Web. The prompt was to weave a 100-words story on the given picture. The story was chosen as one of the winners.

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