Midlife Cry-sis!


The clock was ticking; it was time for school. Unmoved by all the commotion, the junior brat (six-year-old) took her own sweet time pecking at the breakfast fare. 🥘🥘

Frustrated with the futility of the entire exercise, I reflected with my gaze fixed on her plate but my mind elsewhere, “What am I doing here? What’s the use? I am just growing in width, sitting here, doing nothing, and looking at your food—.” 🙄😏

“—And wanting to eat it,” she quipped, first looking into her plate and then at my gloomy face. 🤨😮

Oh no! 😣 And here, I thought I was spelling out my existential ache!😓😕

It hurt like a punch in the gut! 😒😩 

And that’s how, people, you put CRY bang inside your midlife cry-sis!😭

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PIC CREDIT-Roman Odintsov(Pexels)

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