You’re One in a Melon!

“I love you and me,” yodeled the then-three–year old junior monkey. 🎶🎼

She had learned this from her play school, and I immediately took pride in selecting that particular pre-K—what a fantastic way to inculcate self-love and foster positive affirmations. 😍🥰

Her song warmed my heart every time she belted it out. 😇

In fact, I was so chuffed I decided to visit her school during pickup time to congratulate the teacher for such a subtle yet powerful way to enhance a growth mindset and encourage self-esteem. 🏫👩🏽‍🏫

I wrapped my work early, well ahead of time, so that I could see them practice. 

However, I was bowled for six by the turn of events. 😁

“I love UAE… I love UAE…,” the preschoolers sang, in clear voices, waving the UAE flags, cheered by teachers who lined along a wall, their song soaring straight up into the roof, filling the air, and echoing across the room. 😄😃

The teacher grinned as she met my eyes. “National day preparation…,” she mouthed. 😬

I smiled back and nodded! 😅

Of course, trust the little brat to twist and tweak national love into self-love with a flair! 😎😊

She crooned again as we sat in the car, “I love you and me…”

And this time, I joined her. 🥰

The passerby looked at the mother-daughter duo, declaring their love for each other in toneless, hoarse voices, but we couldn’t care less. 😛😆 I guess the goal is to be just the right amount of crazy for everyone else to question their sanity. 🤪😬


image credit-Michelle_Raponi/pixabay

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