Take a Chill Pill!

We were in bed, and the brats were not ready to call it a day yet.😴🥱

The never-ending questions, school anecdotes, and last-minute submissions trickle into their minds and subsequently out of their mouth only when it is time for bed.  🙄

“Mumma, last thing… it’s very important…” my seven-year-old started at the umpteenth time.  🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

“Make it quick. I’ve lost all my patience now…” I blurted out of frustration. You can’t avoid it when something is categorized in the ‘very important category.  😒

While the senior monkey elaborated on his very important stuff, the little monkey (then- three-year-old) said in almost a whisper. “So, Mumma, you won’t be going to the hospital (I am a doctor, by the way) tomorrow?”  😶🏥

“Why?” I replied, sidetracked by her concern for my work. 🤔🤨 

“Didn’t you say you have lost all your patients? 🤕Why do you need to go to the hospital if you have no patients?”  🤒😷

Of course, she found my guffaw offensive but decided to let it go.🤣😂 Perhaps she thought that apart from patients, her mother had also lost sanity!  🤪🤭

During medical college, one of my teachers always mentioned how patience is the key to being a doctor! 👩‍⚕️

It’s only after all these years have I understood what she meant! 😛😝

Thank you for being so patient with my jibber jabber! 🤩😍

No, I didn’t mean that patient!🙈🤦‍♀️

Aargh… never mind… hope you understand! 😝😅

image credit-difotolife/pixabay

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