Tea with a Drop of Honey




How could my mother do that to me? After the sudden demise of my father, she and I relied on each other for everything. How could it change just like that? She had abandoned me when I needed her the most.  

—-Excerpt from my story All Because of You (Tea with a drop of honey) 

This anthology has twenty-eight carefully curated stories from everyday life; simple stories of ordinary people, like you, me, and the person next door. Some stories will bring you joy, and some will evoke happiness; some might be bittersweet and will make you cry. Some will then compel you to look for magic because what is life without a wee-bit of magic in it. But we assure you, all these stories will show you that life is indeed beautiful.  


PS: Best enjoyed with a cup of Tea with a drop of honey.  


Grab your copies here- www.amazon.in/dp/B08LCQK8WW  

The Hive is proud to associate with Prani – The Pet Sanctuary for this anthology. Prani, located in Bangalore, India, is home to over 700 rescued birds and animals. Because of COVID-19, Prani has lost its primary source of income – gate receipts. We at The Hive have committed to help Prani through the sales of this anthology.  



When I began to write for the prompt, I could only think of dark protagonists struck in even darker circumstances. But as I delved deeper, I realized that even the darkest of stories look a lot better with a silver lining—just like the Tea with a dash of honey.  

My story ‘All Because of You’ explores the Protagonist’s journey, clutched in harsh and difficult situations. As she sips the bitter, biting Tea called life, she desperately searches for that mellow hint of honey to make it bearable. But all she encounters is pungent, stinging layers, one after the other. When she is at the end of her rope, about to strike the rock bottom, she is pleasantly surprised to find all the honey clomped at the bottom. The last few sips redolent with a honeyed sweetness not only make up for her exacting past but also linger in her future.  

Isn’t it true that sometimes one has to reach the nadir to experience a breakthrough?   

I hope you enjoy reading the story as much as I loved writing it. 




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