Liver a Little!

“Mumma, my friend got really sick today in school! She needs CPR!” said my six-year-old on the way from school.  🚕

What? 😱

CPR for a six-year-old? What could have happened? 😮😟

If you are wondering about CPR—remember that scene from Bollywood movies where a frantic doctor compresses a junior artist’s chest followed by shocks before declaring, sorry, we tried our best—yeah, that CPR! 😑

Coming to the present crisis, I speculated about the scenario. My mind churned, concocting a million emergency scenes.  😟😧

Was the school equipped to handle it? Did they have the trained staff? What would require such an intervention for a young child? Did the kid choke on something? Was there an underlying condition?🤔😓 

My heart went out to that child and her parents. But I kept mum to keep my six-year-old from worrying too much.  🙁

“I think she has COVID… Miss. J— (class teacher) said, now we all need CPR…” she continued.  😷

Ahhh! It all clicked!  😎😉

“You mean PCR?” 🙃🤨As you must be well aware, PCR (short for polymerase chain reaction) is a test required to rule out COVID.  😷

“Yeah, yeah! That’s what I said,” she replied almost with a shrug as if I was unnecessarily nitpicking! 🙄And as if the reversal of the first two letters didn’t convert an everyday concern to the one requiring an emergency setting. 😏

I tell you, folks, one of these days, these fiascos would leave me gasping enough to require CPR!  😪🤐

Perhaps, I should forget medicine while talking to the kids and liver a little more!  😉😅

What do you say? 


CPR- Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is an emergency procedure comprising chest compressions and artificial ventilation to resuscitate someone in cardiac arrest. 

Image credit-Samer daboul/pexels

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