For Crying Out Cloud!

Those days, discussions about school options were rife in the household as my daughter (then-three-year-old) was soon to graduate from preschool and start her academic year in kindergarten. 🏫

One morning, the junior monkey crept close and said in a coaxing tone, “I want to go to bhaiya’s school only…” 😎

“Why?” I asked. 🤔

“Because Bhaiya’s school is high in the sky, and I want to touch the clouds,” she replied. ☁☁

Huh? 🙃

Confusion stretched across my face. How did she get this weird idea? When did the brother go to the clouds to study? 😶🤨

Of course, the mother’s head is forever in the clouds, but the junior monkey had no way of knowing that. 🤭

She felt compelled to elaborate after noticing my daze. “Isn’t bhaiya’s school called _______ High school? Doesn’t it mean it is high in the sky? I also want to go with him to play with the clouds.” 🤣😁

Go figure! I don’t have words for this! 😝😜


Picture credit-Monstera/Pexels

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