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#Book of tricks 

We are plonked on the sofa, reading a book about Bhakt Prahlad and his evil father, Hiranyakashyap.  📖

I pointed at the pictures where Prahlad is flung in front of elephants, locked in a chamber full of thousands of snakes, and thrown down a hill. We reached the last page, where his aunt Holika planned to sit on a burning pyre with Prahlad in her lap. 🔥🔥

Summing up the entire story for her benefit, I said, “Basically, the wicked father tried every trick in the book to kill his godly son, Prahlad.” 🙃🙂

“Which book?” she said. 🤨

“Huh?” A befuddled expression crossed my face. 😶😕

“Which book of tricks did he read? Can we read that book after this one?” she elaborated. 😏😝

With a straight face, I nodded.😲

I tried every trick in the book, but I couldn’t locate a copy. 😝

Didn’t someone say- not all books are created sequel!😂😉


Picture credit-Samson Katt/ Pexels


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