Beeji’s Story-Earth’s Surface

Beeji’s Story-Earth’s Surface (English) 

Author: Shubhangi Goel, Sankhalina Nath, Rajasee Ray, Anushka Kalro 

Illustrator: Shubhangi Goel, Sankhalina Nath, Rajasee Ray, Anushka Kalro 

Age group: 3+ 

Publisher: Tulika 

Themes: Science around us 

Picture book 


The book looks at the earth’s surface through the eyes of a playful seed—Beeji. Riding on the wings of the wind, she whizzes from the Icelands to the mountains.  

Bopping with the ocean waves, drifting along the streams, it witnesses the wonders of the earth up close. 

When she gets tired, the wind cradles her, and she snoozes. 

Her astonishment knows no bounds as she cruises the hot, dry deserts with glittering grains of sand, which cool off, and twinkle with millions of stars in the night. 

With the book, you and your child go on an escapade with Beeji too. Flipping the pages, you traipse the beaches, the cliffs, the tempests, and the forests. 

Whenever we are on a lengthy car ride, my little one always asks, ‘‘are we home yet?” She demanded the answer to the same question as Beeji romped from one site to another. A smile lurked on her face as she saw Beeji taking sanctuary in the arms of the soft soil. 

Beeji’s fascination about her future is a shadow of the dreams a child weaves as they nuzzle up close to someone they love. 

Beeji’s march across the ends of the earth awakens the yearning to travel. Wouldn’t it be great to be whisked away with the winds to the faraway lands? 

The shimmer of child-like emotions renders this fine blend of science, nature, and knowledge an extra sparkle. 

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