Songs of a Mermaid


Tacked to his arm; the mermaid in me forgot to pine for the oceans. I reveled in the gift the
heavens had conferred on me.
But isn’t life fickle like the changing seasons?

an excerpt from my story -Because You Are Mine, Songs of a Mermaid( Tales of Urban Women).

Sixteen short stories by sixteen women writers chart the seas, recreating the urban mermaids’ songs that often remain unheard.

More about this book:

Storytelling at its best is much more than just putting stories in words and presenting them to the audience; it’s primarily about living our stories, feeling their pulsation, assimilating and internalizing their spirit, and finding in them a refreshing way to come to terms with the undulating topography of human existence, the myriad roller-coaster challenges it poses, its inherent ambivalences and contradictions, unlocked mysteries, unpredictable emotional dynamics, and complex ontological core. The craft of writing stories with any measure of finesse, therefore, comes from a deep-seated love and fascination for life. This anthology does the same.

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