The Impish Eagle.


When all plans come to a standstill, hustle-bustle, rush’ n haste stirs to a slow,
Amidst tumult ‘n chaos, tallying the blessings, your gratitude lingers, persists ‘n grows.
Inert ‘n static yet burgeoning ‘n thriving, it’s all Life’s magic, for you to see ‘n know.

an excerpt from my poem -Life’s Magic, The Impish Eagle.

More about this book-

The Impish Eagle deals with poems, stories, write-ups, and anecdotes that will surely give you goosebumps. As each contribution tells a reader about how after all the obstacles and hurdles if you have an optimistic approach, you can rise above the horizon. So, if you want to get motivated, this Anthology is for you

Super glad to see my poem in the beautiful anthology by the impish lass publishing house- The Impish Eagle.

The anecdotes, short stories, and poems show how after all the obstacles and hurdles, one can rise above the horizon.

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