Computer Aided Apparels- Software in my Pants

The other day, the husband and the eight-year-old were engaged in a conversation about computer software and applications used in escalators and elevators’ smooth functioning.🛗🛗
Plugged out of the discussion, I was daydreaming about something altogether different, not realizing that the five-year-old was ingesting every word of the technical jargon.😶‍🌫️😁
“Oh, I didn’t know the lifts also have software. I thought it existed only in UGs(a short form for undergarments),” she commented.
Software in undergarments? When did that happen? 😳
Latest robotic technology in the underpants?🤯🤯
Husband and I looked at her together.
By now, the little one has a fair idea that the collective IQ of her parents is not enough to understand her insights.🤪😜🤣
“Mumma, don’t you remember the Software UGs you got me—the tag said—soft wear, comfortable and lightweight!” she said, putting an end to the mystery.🤪🤣
Oh boy! Couldn’t have figured that like never-ever! 🤪🤪Just goes in to show that my brain is wearing soft with age.😁😂
So, people, this was just to keep you in the loop. 😁
If anyone tells you about robot-aided, latest software automated underpants in the future, don’t forget, you first heard it here!😜😉
Image Credit-Pixabay

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