Cigarettes Butts Only!


So this happened a few months earlier. A visit to a restaurant last night brought back the incident. 🤪
We had just sat down to dinner at a restaurant when my little one( four-year-old then) noticed an unfamiliar apparatus on the table.
She picked it up and twiddled with it till I took heed.
“Don’t touch the ashtray. It’s dirty,” I yelled, taking the contraption out of her hands.
“What’s it mummy?” She asked again.
“It’s an ashtray- a tray to deposit ash,” I explained to what I thought, to the best of my abilities.😬
I was satisfied as she didn’t touch it again for the rest of the dinner. But got to understand the reason only towards the end when her brother ( seven-year-old, then) decided to fiddle with the ashtray.😐😐
“Don’t touch it, Bhaiya. It’s dirty,” my little one quipped even before I could intervene. “It’s where people put their asses. It’s an ass-tray.”🤣🤪
You can’t imagine my expressions at that priceless moment. I didn’t know how to react, to leave this side-splitting misunderstanding or correct it.
In the end, I left it as it is. 🙈
Needless to say, nowadays, she keeps clear of similar paraphernalia on the restaurant’s tables.😜😂
Do you think it’s time I clear the mix-up? Cigarette butts only?😜😜😎
Photo courtesy- Pixabay

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