Shoot for the Stars!


Alert-**Don’t read further if the mention of children’s poop grosses you out!
We are at the table eating lunch.
Husband is instructing the brats, “Eat your greens and salads. That way, children can avoid pain in tummies and constipation.”
I guess he’s seeing too many kids coming to the hospital with a tummy ache these days.
The five-year-old looks up from her plate and shoots a question that stumps us. “Papa, do some children have stars in their poop.”
Huh? Stars? That too in poop? What the heck?
Husband and I glance at each other. We do not know where the question came from, let alone what the answer is. 🤔
She decides to help us out of our misery. “But Mumma said- there are stars in constipation.”
“Ahhh,” I said as a light bulb went on in my head. 💡
I could see the same light bulb turning on over husband’s head.  😎
“That’s constellation, sweetheart, not constipation.” Husband managed with a straight face before bursting into a loud guffaw.🤪🤪
Didn’t I tell you I live in a madhouse?
Doesn’t it give the quote—“leave a little sparkle wherever you go”—a whole new angle? 😜😜
Think about it.😁
picture credit-Unsplash

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