Eh, Kathi roll, anyone?

The senior monkey(eight-year-old) is on an exercising spree these days. All day, you can see him rolling on the carpet practicing some antic or another.🐵
“Mom, mom, look … look,” he goes. “Look at my front-roll, look at my back-roll.” He waves at me.
I tear my eyes away from the line I have been trying to read for the last fifteen minutes but can’t because of the ungodly noise. 🙄My literary pursuits have to wait for a more opportune moment. I close the book and dedicate all my attention to the senior monkey.🤷🏻‍♀️
“Did you see… huh … huh?” He says.
I nod in affirmation, but my eyes are stuck at the posture the little monkey(four-year-old)has acquired. 🧐
She has wrapped herself in a blanket in such a way that only her head is visible outside.
She notices me staring and decides to bestow a moment of rare wisdom to the unenlightened souls around her.😅😅
 “Uh, I am doing a Kathi roll.”🤪
Of course. There shouldn’t have been a doubt? Right?🤣
Eh, Kathi roll, anyone?😅
Picture Credit- Matthew Henry (Unsplash)

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