Monochrome Verses, Coffee Table book of Poems



You shove me; I stagger and fall down.   

The silvery slivers of a broken life,   

Prickle ‘n pierce my wispy withered skin.   

Rivulets of Ruby-red rush out. I scramble ‘n strive,   

Only to be entangled in a filigree of fancy fibs.   

‘He’ll be fine—bear up. You’re his wife.’     


A solemn stable alliance. Is it not?   

Belt- buckles, shoes, sticks ‘n stones—Yours.   

Unshed tears, livid bruises, unheeded scars—Mine.   

A raging ravine roaring behind bolted doors.   

Knots of nauseous noise shimmering,   

In the tapestry of conjugal chores.   

Color of my Cage

-an excerpt from one of my three poems featured in Monochrome Verses, Coffee Table book of Poems by Chrysanthemum Chronicles.

More about this book:

Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words- Robert Frost.

Poetry is that sudden urge to emit those emotions welling up inside you, that needs a gush of words to give e them a life outside of your soul. Come let’s celebrate these emotions together as they say, that poets have their world of own which they tend to walk upon consciously and seldom unknowingly to bring about beauty in the world through their words. ‘Monochrome Verses’, a coffee table book is a conceived as a project where  all the pages of this book portray the same, a monochromatic world of poetry that speaks volume.

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