Currysmatic !



“No, Mumma, I don’t want to eat Thai curry,” my five-year-old shook her head. 

We were standing at the traffic junction and had to take the next turn depending on the cuisine. 😅 

“Let’s try it! You might like it,” I said, my voice saccharine sweet. 😬😬 

She frowned and tutted over. I tried persuading her some more, but it all met a dead end. She was steadfast in her refusal. 🤨 

“But why?” Her father blurted, exhausted by our head-to-head, his eyes fixed on the traffic light. There were now only a few seconds remaining for it to turn green. 🙄😏

“Because I don’t want to cut my thigh and eat it!” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. 


Who could have thought that the key ingredient in Thai curry was thighs? 😲😨

While my overactive mind conjured images (the father pounding on the tribal drums, the restaurant staff twirling and stomping around the table in their buckskins, as I ululated), he shook his head and steered the car away from anything remotely Thai. 🤐

I, however, could not clear the confusion despite trying hard. 😶

That left me to wonder if I should ever mention finger foods to her?🤔

What do you think? 🤨

Never a dal moment around here! Eh? 😝😜

picture credit- Max griss/ unsplash

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