Yogurt, to be kidding me! 



“Mumma, did you know Shrek is a yogurt?” said my then- three-year-old.  😊

Who? Shrek? The green character in Disney movies? A yogurt? 😏 

Quite possible! I thought. Peddling movie-related merchandise to unsuspecting children and fed-up, weary parents is more of a norm than an exception nowadays.  😒😒

Already anticipating the subsequent request, I said, “I will get you one next time.”  

She crinkled her eyes in a narrow slit and looked at me with deep distrust. “You will get me, Shrek?”  😦🤨

“—yogurt!” I completed her sentence to avoid future disappointments.  😎

“But… Shrek is a yogurt!” She sounded exasperated.  😳

We would have gone on and on had the troubleshooter, my son (then six-year-old), not stepped in!  

“Ma, ogre—not yogurt,” he said. “She means Shrek is an ogre.”  🤯🤯

Ahhh! Understanding dawned in a flash, and I looked up, grinning, only to meet the steady gaze of my offspring.  

The brother had an all-knowing, tranquil smile, suited more to Dalai Lama than his six-year-old self, and the sister’s expression was locked up in a poker face. It was as if the duo was weighing the future toil and hard work it would take to enlighten a mere earthling like their mother.  

How did I end up being the daft one here?  😵😵

And that too, after doing what they call—dimaag ka dahi… in Hindi.😢

Yogurt, to be kidding me! 🤪🤪

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