Mera waala DJ

“Mumma, hug DJ,” the little brat (four-year-old) called above the din. We were sitting in a chic lounge, and a DJ was playing and mixing tracks next to the make-shift stage.  

How the hell did she get this ludicrous idea? I wondered. This DJ wasn’t even that great!  🥴🥴

I ignored her and kept to my lemon-mint mojito, praying that nobody else would decipher or pay attention to a child’s mumblings.  🤫

But I had spoken too soon.  😭

“Mumma… hug DJ!” she yelled across the table this time, flailing her arms and legs, hoping to elicit a response. 😒 

No prizes for guessing. The brat succeeded, and how!  🙄🙄

People at the adjoining tables stopped their chatter and swung around to gawk at me. A few men arched their eyebrows. Some ladies curled their lips into a sly smile; their eyes twinkled with a mischievous glint as they twisted their heads to scrutinize the DJ.  🧐

Not used to unwarranted attention, I turned a beetroot red. To say I wanted to buckle up and die would be an understatement.  🥺😱

“I don’t want to hug any DJ,” I hissed between the gritted teeth. 😡 

The junior brat tilted her head, scrunched her nose, and darted a quick look at the DJ before reaching out to me. With tears pooling in her eyes, she stretched her upper body across the wooden counter and repeated for the millionth time, “hug DJ.”  

Suddenly, I got a flash, like one of those light bulbs in the comics.  🤓😎

I remembered how I had insisted that the kids speak in Hindi for at least half an hour every day to get the hang of their mother tongue. Dijiye (give) and lijiye (take) were the words I had taught them the previous day!  😣

So, to cut a long story short…  

The little brat wanted a cuddle for herself all this time—hug dijiye (give me a hug) rather than for some random guy playing insipid music.  😝😜

I chuckled and passed it off as another one of our usual family goof-ups!  😅😬

But I wish I could say the same about the rest of the diners. One woman, in particular, kept ogling throughout the evening, half-expecting me to shimmy up to the DJ for a snuggle fest. As she left, she threw daggers at me for duping her and not delivering on the promised entertainment.  🥳😁

I gulped and avoided her hostile gaze.  🤓

What can I say? I wish her a more action-packed dinner in the future, at least one that involves women hurling themselves at the DJ as their offspring hooted and whistled! 😜😉

PHOTO CREDIT-Bru-no(pixabay)

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