A Victim of Love 

A Victim of Love 



The sun laved the garden, smudged a balmy, peachy hue on the placid verdure, 

Lilting melodies tinged the air, wrens ‘n robins warbled a rapturous allure, 

Aurelian daffodils, wild bluebells, fuchsia peonies bloomed, pristine ‘n pure, 

The boughs waltzed ‘n whirled, dovetailed the whistling wind, coy ‘n demure. 


 Lavender presided on the hedges, swaying ‘n sashaying, sprinkling gaiety ‘n glee. 

Caressing the besotted breeze, nestling ‘n nuzzling, unabashed ‘n carefree, 

Out of the blue, a bee burst forth, whizzing ‘n buzzing, inside the savory sanctuary,  

Lavender gawked enticed ‘n enthralled, utterly bamboozled by the bee’s repartee.  


 Lavender primped ‘n pranced; her lustrous lilac glistened ‘n gleamed in the sunlight, 

ardent ‘n amorous she ogled, come-hither look lined her eyes, it was love at first sight, 

Her ambrosial scent swathed ‘n shrouded the air, cloaking ‘n veiling an amatory invite,

Impetuous ‘n impulsive, she longed for a glance, tilted towards the inamorata line of flight.


 The bee swooped ‘n sprang, dodging ‘n ducking the fluttering butterflies,  

He pawed ‘n poked the enamored flower, vainglory glazed his greedy eyes, 

He gulped ‘n guzzled the soul of his paramour, spurned ‘n scorned her mellow cries, 

Lavender keeled over, wasted weary ‘n spent,  

embraced eagerly her imminent demise,  


 ‘Another victim of love’, the wind bitterly moaned ‘n sighed, 

True love never dies, but the lovelorn lavender fervidly replied, 

As the smithereens of her passion, the pollen dust flew far ‘n wide. 




I wrote this poem for a prompt-based contest by the Asian Literary society. The prompt was to weave a verse around ‘victim.’ This verse was chosen as one of the winners. you can see the certificate here-https://supriyasbanter.com/third-prize-poetry-contest-victim/


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Picture Credit-Unsplash

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