Life’s Magic in the Time of Corona 





Life’s Magic in the Time of Corona 


When a minuscule virus creates havoc, slaving slaying, snuffing out  

But Life still insistent, adamant, bursts forth, emerges, births’ n sprouts 

It becomes magical, pure ‘n simple yet tough and tenacious, beyond any doubts 


 In the times of social distance, when contact is rejected, repelled ‘n damned  

But a healer finds it in his heart to touch, heal, salve, lend a helping hand 

bruised broken ‘n wounded yet reviving ‘n calm, Life is magical, I understand  


When all plans come to a standstill, hustle-bustle, rush’ n haste stirs to a slow 

Amidst tumult ‘n chaos, tallying the blessings, your gratitude lingers, persists ‘n grows. 

Inert ‘n static yet burgeoning ‘n thriving, it’s all Life’s magic, for you to see ‘n know. 


In a deluge of misery, dolor, death ‘n despair, shudder, panic ‘n gloom 

a child fancies, makes up, dreams on, immune impervious to the notions of the doom 

Alarmed, timid yet brazen ‘n bold, isn’t it magic that Life’s spinning on its loom 



When indefinite, intangible persists, and the end doesn’t seem near 

A stranger online sends recipes’ n links, cares to care, ushering perk ‘n cheer 

severe, brusque yet kind Life’s magic isn’t a treasure so precious ‘n dear 


Corona claims lives, creates mayhem, mangle; maim ‘n maul mankind 

It also makes me love more, hope- more, pray- more, renders me more resigned  


I beseech you, O’ Life, deliver us from this, one more magic trick if you don’t mind. 

I am at the end of my tether here, longing for usual to bounce back to the grind. 


-copyright reserved.  




I wrote this poem for a prompt-based contest by the Asian Literary society. The prompt was to weave a verse around ‘Life is Magical.’ This verse was chosen as one of the winners. you can see the certificate here-


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Picture Credit-Unsplash

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