In the times of Corona, which mask are you wearing? (Part-2)


In the times of corona, which mask are you wearing? (Part-2)


Let us continue with our study of the different masks available in the time of this international crisis.

Vicarious/armchair victim mask

These people are really good at playing the blame game; whatever is done for them either by the government or the doctors is too late or too little and never enough. Far removed from the actual problem, they sit comfortably in their armchairs, offering a loophole, a minor technicality, or hidden motives whenever any decision is made.

We see a surge of them every time there is a national dilemma. Be it a terrorist attack or dreaded corona.

Mask of irresponsible or educated idiocy

You must have heard of students swallowing paracetamol tablets before landing on the airports from foreign shores to escape thermal scanning. Some of us may have the privilege of knowing well-educated foreign-returned gentlemen who, despite knowing the risks, plan a big-fat wedding during their time in quarantine. All those idiots are elite members of this club.
But mind you, this mask is expensive, only available if you are highly educated or highly connected and you think the system is at your disposal.

Mask of sublimation

This mask allows you to channel your anxiety, emotions, and fears into more acceptable, positive outcomes.

You see that mother on the social media sending activities for children or new recipes, that person sending hilarious memes and jokes on the current situation, or those people playing Bingo from their balconies. They are all wearing this mask. This mask places a cushion between them and their fear, enabling them to deal better with the problems.

Mask of compartmentalization or reaction formation

The wearer of this mask knows their panic, shudder, and gloom, all too well. These people, instead of giving in to their impulses, compartmentalize their life. Focusing only on the task at hand. They are experts at blocking off one area of their minds to converge on another. You see the health care workers; this is the invisible mask they are wearing apart from the visible ones.
Reaction formation is also a similar mask; this makes people behave exactly opposite to what they feel.
For example, suppose they are feeling excessively anxious and disturbed. In that case, they will be inclined towards sending a positive social media post or behave in an altruistic manner towards a less privileged person.

These are a few of the masks I know …which one are you wearing today?

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Picture Credit- Rach Teo/ Unsplash


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