On The Trail of Thugs and Thieves by Aloke Lal and Maanas Lal  


On The Trail of Thugs and Thieves — True Accounts of Crime from the Hindi Heartland   

Authors: Aloke Lal and Maanas Lal  

Publisher: Om Books International  

Language: English   

Genre: Detective Nonfiction  

Set in the heartland of India, this thrilling collection of true crime tales hooks you from the outset.   

You meander through trails and alleys of the small towns, where every nook and cranny hides its own secrets. With a dash of wit, a pinch of humour, and a whole lot of real-life drama, the father-son duo unravels one captivating case after another.  

From heart-pounding rescues to hair-raising conspiracies, each story exposes the dark side of humanity while also shining a light on the strength of the human spirit. Whether it’s the haunting tale of a tragic train accident or the heartwarming story of a crime-solving rottweiler named Bullet, each tale is jam-packed with twists, turns, and unexpected surprises.  

One gains insights into the unpredictability and dilemmas the law enforcer faces and how spur-of-the-moment decisions save the day.  

The book shines light on the untold stories of bravery and sacrifice through the eyes of a decorated cop.  

A must-read for anyone who loves a good mystery! This journey into the heart of crime and justice thrills, shocks and leaves a lasting impact. 

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