The Murderer Cat by Nayantee Baroowa   

The Murderer Cat   

Author: Nayantee Baroowa   

Publisher‏: BOOK STREET PUBLICATIONS (2 September 2023)  

Language‏: English  

Paperback‏/ Kindle: ‎ 148 pages  

An unassuming tale set against India’s northeastern region promises an old-world charm from the word go. The story unfolds at its own unhurried pace, drawing readers into a world plagued with intrigue and doubts.   

At the heart of the story lies the main protagonist, Jadav, a loving father, devoted husband, and caring pet owner. Baroowa chronicles Jadav’s life—from his birth, his marriage to Lakshmi, the arrival of his four sons, and the varied people he encounters. As the narrative unfolds, readers witness the trials and triumphs of each family member. Each character’s story is well explored, from Joon’s battle with polio to Swapon’s successful foray into politics and Rooplal’s transformative journey. The portrayal of Lakshmi’s character is particularly striking. A beloved dog named Fifty and a cat named Mayoo add layers to the family dynamics.  

Baroowa paints the cultural nuances of Assamese life into the backdrop with broad brush strokes while deep diving into the complexities of the plot. The book stands out for its unique outlook and engaging storytelling.  

Just right as a lazy weekend read! 


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