Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders by Prasun Roy 

Devi: The Mystery of Kolkata Murders   

Author: Prasun Roy  

Publisher: Rupa Publications India 

Genre: Crime Thriller   

Pages: 232  


With his newest crime thriller, Roy takes readers on a wild ride through the streets of Kolkata. The story dives headfirst into the chaos of the festival, where there’s more than just celebration in the air.  

A fugitive returns to face trial, turning the city into a hotbed of intrigue and danger. Inspector Arun Palit, a detective with a checkered past, finds himself pegged at the centre of a series of baffling murders, each more puzzling than the last. With the help of his estranged friend Jai and daring reporter Savitri, Arun delves into a quagmire of secrets and lies that threatens to tear the city apart. From Arun’s internal struggles to Jai’s relentless pursuit of the truth, readers are drawn into a world where emotions run high, and danger lurks around every corner.  

As the plot thickens, so does the tension. Stolen treasures and cryptic clues throw the investigations into a loop. But amidst the chaos, there’s also a carnival of life and culture. Roy’s remarkable description brings the festival alive on the page.   

The richly developed characters add multiple layers of intricacy to the plot.  

With flawless language and a riveting narrative, Roy expertly ties together the various threads of the story, not without spotlighting them into the grand scheme of things. The social issues are explored but do not seem preachy or heavy for one moment.   

The cover design deserves a special mention. The Durga idol, synonymous with the city of Kolkata and its vibrant puja pandals, captures the essence of the book.   

Thriller and mystery fans will enjoy this thrilling adventure! The adrenaline-fueled ride through the lively streets of Kolkata, bursting with merriment as it tackles grave dangers, will keep you regaled till the final pages! 

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