The Tiger-Skin Rug 

Tiger Skin Rug 

Author- Gerald Rose 

Age group: any age 

Number of pages: 32 

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC 

Themes: adventure, humor 

Genre: picture book, fiction 


An endearing tale of an aging, frail tiger who cannot hunt and gets exhausted from living on the scraps. With monkeys fooling around him in the jungle, taunting him at every juncture, the poor tiger has had enough. Rajah’s palace, with its sumptuous spread laid out every night, entices him. And then, one day, he gets an opportunity to hobnob with the Rajah and his extended clan. 

Does languishing in the lap of luxury is as exciting as the tiger had dreamt? Does it come with its own sets of predicaments? 

The denouement is a laugh riot. You will thoroughly relish the antics of the ignorant Rajah, his family, and the ingenious tiger. 

The illustrations are fabulous and add pep to the narrative. Your little ones will chuckle at the misery of the tiger and delight in his capers. 

My favorite part is when the tiger gets to hang around Raja’s domestic help. Totally wacky and side-splitting funny. 

The gripping plot and the page-turning adventure will have your toddler craving to read the book over and over. And sometimes for many weeks, on end. But the difference with this one is that you would be as enthusiastic about reading it without tearing your hair out of sheer boredom. 

This incredible and brilliant book has been on our shelf for as long as I remember. Sometimes I notice my grown-up kid flipping through its pages to soak into its magic. 

Can’t recommend it enough!

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