The Sanskari Girlfriend by Jiganshu Sharma

The Sanskari Girlfriend   

Author: Jiganshu Sharma  

Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications 

Language: English  

Paperback: ‎ 148 pages  

From the eye-catching cover to the fascinating plotline, this book grabs your attention from the get-go. Aarya’s honeymoon bliss turns into a nightmare when she realizes her husband, Shekhar, has vanished into thin air in Venice. This puzzling situation leaves Aarya questioning her own sanity.  

Back in India, Aarya, a senior bank official in Goa, sets out to unravel the mystery surrounding Shekhar’s disappearance. Equipped with her banking skills, she follows the money trail, uncovering hidden secrets. But as she delves deeper, she discovers more than she bargained for.   

Will Aarya find the truth she’s searching for? Can she navigate life’s challenges while holding onto her principles? Or will she lose everything she holds dear? These are just some questions that boggle the readers until the narrative reaches a satisfying climax.  

With its engaging plot and bold character sketch, the book will appeal to fans of thriller fiction.  

This easy-breezy read aims to impress. 


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