A Mixed Bag – Best of #Minitales, Vol 2.0 Kindle Edition

His heart leaped to his mouth, a young boy was dangling from the fifth-floor balcony of an apartment complex. His body shook with fear as he started to scale the building. Dread gnawed at him as he took one step after another.

an excerpt from my story -Second Chance. 

You can read a few other mini tales by me in this beautiful anthology.

More about this book:

Be it a box of chocolates, or a bag of Bertie Botts every flavored bean, the real fun in any collection is the suspense of what comes next. The Hive Publishers and their brand of busy bees have penned one hundred #minitales across multiple genres. Some might make you smile, some might make you cry, and some might fill your heart with dread in more ways than one. True to its title, A Mixed Bag – The Best of #Minitales, vol 2.0, has something for everyone.

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