Island in the Stream by Sonal Singh  

Island in the Stream  

Author: Sonal Singh  

Language: English 

A Poetry Collection 

Singh’s enchanting collection takes one through the realms of poetry.   

She gathers the colours of dawn and dusk, weaving them into verses as delicate as the morning mist and as lively as a field of wildflowers. Like a river flowing through the heart of a verdant forest, Singh’s words meander gracefully, painting spellbinding landscapes.   

In the first section, ‘Nature’s Rhapsody’, Singh beckons readers to wander amidst pink dawns and glittery nights, where whispers of the wind and murmurs of streams speak volumes. While one poem is fragrant with the scent of dusk, another captures the lilting melodies sung by the sunny days.   

In the second section, ‘Life’s Foibles’, Singh delves into the labyrinthine depths of the human spirit, navigating through the ebb and flow of emotions.    

The 48 poems whisper a symphony, a dance of words that lingers long after you’ve turned the last page. It’s no wonder that the collection has already garnered immense praise from readers worldwide, won prestigious accolades, and made waves in literary circles.   

This poignant and beautiful collection showcases Sonal Singh’s immense talent as a poet. It invites readers to pause, reflect, and find solace in the beauty of language and the power of poetry.  

A must-read for all poetry lovers!  

Highly recommended! 


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