Twisted Tales and Turns by Smita Das Jain  

Twisted Tales and Turns  

Author: Smita Das Jain  

Publisher: Readomania  

Genre: Short Stories  

Language: English   

With twenty captivating short stories divided into four sections, Jain challenges our perceptions of reality, blurring the lines between what’s real and what’s not.   

The collection houses diverse genres, from mind-bending mysteries to speculative futures, heartfelt narratives, and intricate human relationships. Each section is an adventure, and each story is a thrilling ride brimming with twisted turns and mind-bending crossroads that keeps the readers hooked.   

Jain’s storytelling abilities are well showcased in each of the stories. Her writing style is crisp yet conversational and entertaining. She creates well-rounded characters and stirring plotlines while seamlessly blending fascinating themes. From the eerie mysteries of “Out of this World” to the futuristic landscapes of “Not Too Far into the Future,” Jain takes readers on an electrifying, pulse-pounding journey. The sections “All Doesn’t End Well” and “Love Comes in All Hues” delve into themes of self-reflection, introspection and acceptance. While some stories seem rushed or predictable, the overall impact of “Twisted Tales and Turns” is undeniable.   

Perfect to savour as a light read after a busy day. I read one story a day, and I can vouch it was a wonderful way to unwind before bed. 

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