Book Review- Why God Wrote This Story? by Rankapil Kumar 

Why God Wrote This Story? 

Kindle/ Paperback  

Author: Rankapil Kumar   

Language‏: ‎ English  

Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Drama 

Kumar weaves a refreshing love story between a quiet, retrained businessman, Saral, and a charming, vivacious girl, Anusha. As expected, sparks fly when the contrasting personalities meet.  

Their first meeting on a bus sets a winsome tone that is carried through the rest of the story. As the narrative progresses, the readers are apprised of Saral’s tragic past, present struggles, and future dreams. Anusha finds herself pegged right in the centre of Saral’s tumultuous life, navigating the complexities of his emotions and providing unwavering support. Throughout the ups and downs, Anusha remains a constant source of light and hope for Saral. It is easy to become emotionally invested in their journey. Though Kumar throws in themes of family, friendship, and personal growth amidst Saral and Anusha’s blossoming relationship, the narrative remains entertaining and uplifting. The romance is elegant, tragic, and yet redemptive all at the same time.  

The intertwining subplots ease the tension of the main plot. Kavi Chitranjan, with his hilarious dialogue and colourful antics, provides comic relief. The characters have a well-etched arc, and the plot twists keep the narrative from sinking into a plateau.  

Kumar’s writing style is pithy and engaging; he weaves complex emotions with clarity and grace. At times, however, he adopts a poetic tone that does wonders for the narrative. I particularly liked the way Kumar describes nature and its sublime elements, personifying them in an appealing way.  

The language is simple and lucid, and the narrative has a quaint, old-world charm. Overall, the book is a pleasant, light read.  

Recommended for fans of romance novels and emotional drama.  

This story chronicling the trials of modern love promises to keep you entertained till you turn the last page.  

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