The Reluctant Doctor: Stilettos to Stethoscope

The Reluctant Doctor: Stilettos to Stethoscope-True Stories from inside a Clinic 

Author-Balesh Jindal 

Language‏: ‎ English 

Publisher‏: ‎ Vitasta Publishing Pvt Ltd 

Dr. Jindal’s memoir offers a captivating glimpse into her challenges while pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor, highlighting the resilience and determination that propelled her forward. Her narrative sheds light on the medical profession and serves as an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and following one’s passion.  

Dr. Jindal looks back on her 38 years of profession, beginning with her early days as a recent Lady Hardinge Medical College graduate. The young doctor forgoes her dreams of becoming a well-known paediatrician and establishes a clinic in Kapashera, a tranquil little town in Haryana, dedicating her life to rural practice. Despite the challenges and lack of resources in Kapashera, Dr. Jindal’s determination to provide quality healthcare to the underserved community never wavers. Through her clinic, she not only improves the health outcomes of countless villagers but also becomes an integral part of their lives. 

Through her vivid storytelling, the author brings forth the intricate web of social dynamics and cultural norms that shape the villagers’ perceptions of healthcare. Witnessing the transformation as the villagers break free from age-old traditions is fascinating.  

Dr. Jindal’s emotional journey is further enhanced by her candid exploration of the complexities of identity and belonging. She delves into her internal conflicts as she straddles two cultures, highlighting the constant tug between her Indian heritage and her longing for a life in the UK.  

Intriguing and insightful.  

Contemporary, relevant, and relatable. A satisfying read. 

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