There Can Be No One Like You, Dharam Paaji!


There Can Be No One Like You, Dharam Paaji!

The current actors may gloat about their unique style and take pride in blurring the lines between conventionally feminine and masculine clothes, but you were the original trendsetter.


Dear Dharm Paaji,

Not many people in my generation may consider you in their long list of celebrity crushes, and perhaps even fewer would pen a letter admitting their undying admiration for you. But what can I say? I’ve always been an oddball.

Getting introduced to you

My first brush with your movies was in the late 80s and early 90s when renting VHS and watching back-to-back movies (sometimes all night) was a norm in most houses. Come an extended national holiday or a designated school break, and the practice would commence with unmitigated enthusiasm.

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This piece was amongst the winners in the letters to the celebrity contest organized by Women’s Web.

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