DEVI: The Story Project 10: A Collection of Poems and Short Stories

Perched atop a ladder, lost in deft brush strokes, dressed in a red-bordered
white sari and puff-sleeved red blouse, the woman looked almost like an extension of Maa. The
clinking of the red and white coral and conch shells on her wrist broke Bishnu’s reverie.

an excerpt from my story -Homecoming, Devi: The Story Project 10

More about this book:

Yaa Devi Sarva-Bhutessu Maatr-Ruupenna Samsthitaa
Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namas-Tasyai Namo Namah

The ancient sloka celebrates the omnipresence of the Goddess. It salutes her motherly form present in all living beings across the earth. The MOTHER does not necessarily have to be a particular gender or an age group. MOTHERHOOD could manifest in a man or a child, in a dog or a bird, or even a tree. Identify the Devi in actions that are inspiring and encouraging, where any form of life had come forward to make our little worlds bigger, thoughts richer, consciousness deeper and associations meaningful. You could find the Devi in the pantry-boy in your office, who knows when you need a steaming cup of tea without being told. The Devi could be present in your teacher, who has more confidence in you than you yourself do. Your house-help could be the Devi that takes good care of the single person living in a big city. The pet dog that cuddles up to you when you are sad and lonely. The elderly neighbour who came with sweets and tied Rakhi since your sister is abroad. The tearful child who wouldn’t move till the trapped bird is rescued. An old banyan tree in the ancestral house, on the branches of which your grandfather once played. The building-watchman who keeps you protected. A friend who had always been there, irrespective of the risks. An unexpected, life-saving help from a stranger.

Instances are many, when the DEVI makes her presence felt through the goodness of those around. Discover her goodness through various ordinary and extraordinary moments in this anthology.


Ananya Dutta Gupta, Ganesh Rajgopal, Supriya Bansal, Sangitha Chakraborty, Sangeetha Vallat, Nivedita Karmaran, Chandrika R. Krishnan, Urmi Chakravorty, Priya Rajaram, Biswadeep Ghosh, Paramita Dutta

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