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“Mumma, I wanna eat mistletoe!” The five-year-old crept up to me as soon as I returned from work.

Mistletoe? Who eats mistletoe? How did she even get such a wild idea?  🤪😅

While I am grappling with these questions, I can see she is getting increasingly frustrated.

“Mumma… mis-tle-toe…” She breaks it down for me as if that would make me understand it better.  😝

Of course, it doesn’t. I am as confused as ever.  😏🤨

“It’s like Pav bhaji. We’ve had it before…” she bounces back.

Ah! … It all sinks in.  😅😅

She is talking about Misal-Pav—a Maharashtrian delicacy. A few days back, we had tried its recipe from YouTube.

Somehow the mistletoe from the Christmas books crisscrossed with our very own Indian Misal Pav in her head to concoct a peculiar hybrid.

Talk about growing up in a multicultural environment!   🤣😅

I hugged her tight and planted a kiss on her cheek.

Couldn’t escape the magical spell of Misal! Even if it wasn’t the right one! 😅😁


Picture Credit-Unsplash

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