Where is the Logic?









“Sh-a-de-s of d-ar-k-ness,” the five-year-old read the title of my book, putting her recently acquired knowledge of phonics to good use. 🤓🤓

I nodded absentmindedly. My eyes were set on the pages of my book. But even though my eyes were occupied, my ears were not, and I heard another question.  😳😳

“Mumma, is it a good book?”

“Yeah,” I nodded again, without looking up. A fine collection of short stories by the late British author, Robert Westall—’Shades of Darkness’ is brimming with mystical, eerie, and spooky tales. The story I was reading was highly engaging, and I wanted to linger on in the paranormal world some more. 👻👻

“You must know all about it since you are halfway through already?” she asked, measuring the thickness of the part I had finished with her thumb and forefinger. 🤓

I looked up, a little irritated, ready to give her an earful.

But the absolute awe in her eyes made me stop.

“So, Mumma, can you tell me which is the second shade of darkness? Is it purple? White, black, or pink?” she asked and counted off the colors on her fingers one by one. 😅😁🤓

I looked at the cover of my book and back at her once again.

Her expressions said it all.

When you’re reading a book called shades of darkness, you should be able to rattle out the colors with little effort? Isn’t it? Not too much to expect. Right? 😭🤪

Needless to say, she was disappointed in me. 🤭😁


Probably I should switch my book?

Perhaps, “The art of logic in the illogical world by Eugena Chang”?

But I doubt Ms. Eugena can resolve my dilemma? 🧐

What do you think?

Picture Credit-Girl with red hat(Unsplash)



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