Shahi Paneer ka Kissa


I was browsing the note section of my phone, and this popped up.
So the other day, we made shahi paneer gravy for dinner.
I coaxed the little monkey (all of three- years, then) to try it. “Shahi paneer !! Yum, so tasty. Let’s give it a try.”
The Little monkey came and curiously peeped into the plate. “Mumma, I can see paneer. It’s not shahi.”
I was confused.” But it’s shahi paneer, paneer will be seen, right!! ( right, guys!!🤷🏻‍♀️),” I reasoned.
She hid her face with both her hands and said aloud,” But if you are shy, you don’t want to be seen !!”🙈🙈
Have you ever had shy paneer? Did it behave appropriately?
Pic credit- Caleb Woods(Unsplash)
My shahi paneer never looks good enough for a picture share.🤣😁
Glossary-Shahi Paneer(an Indian Gravy containing cottage cheese)

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