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Have you ever held a tear for so long that it refuses to flow?   

And then it melts into the crimson of your veins-throbbing woe,  

Scorching n singeing your insides, morphing into a glorious gleam,  

Cinders of your passion ‘n dreams, drifting in the smoldering stream,   


I am that river,  

A current of rage ‘n fury, stock-still yet in motion,  

A rush of dolor ‘n despair, a yearn to be the ocean. 


                                          -A snippet from my poem Polychromatic Life 



-Indie Blue Publishing House  

Kali represents the perfect metaphor of the great dissenter desperately needed in today’s times to rise above subjugate society. Kali, a goddess of strength and destruction, represents energy in its purest and feral form. Goddess Kali embodies the unfettered, uncontrolled energy, who, like nature, can create and destroy with equal ease. She is the perfect feminist icon the world needs today. “The Kali Project draws in the voices of women as women – teachers, mental health workers, writers, doctors, lawyers, bankers, social workers – adding a sharper understanding of the inner realities that patriarchal structures seek to silence, sanctified by society, religion, community, and class.  


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“With entries from children and teenagers, to poems by internationally well-known writers, the gamut of experiences is vast and reiterates the idea that art and poetry are the essential vehicles which carry the hurt and, in the process, also healing within them.” 

                                          -Charanjeet Kaur, Former Chief Editor and Features Editor of Muse India, currently Contributory Editor for Indian writing in English of MI. Consultant Editor of SPARROW (Sound & Picture Archives for Research On Women) Newsletter.  

Excellent poetry anthology! Powerful & dynamic.  

                                                 –  Amazon Customer 

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